Minority of Mind

Book demystifies struggle with schizophrenia

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About Minority of Mind:

Benjamin Boone shares a journey few are able to take and talk about. Boone, now in his early 30s, was diagnosed with schizophrenia the day after he graduated with a degree in writing and publishing from Emerson College in Boston. He spent spent a month at Mclean Hospital and six months at a group home.

During the past ten years he’s been hospitalized nine times. Faced with the reality that he had a lifelong illness and his childhood ambitions would never be realized, he offered himself up as a test subject for dozens of research studies at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts hospitals. His book “ Minority of Mind” tells a compelling story of his life as “subject” for the study of schizophrenia and a host of other unrelated illnesses. The book is worth reading just for the inside look at medical research in Boston, but it is much more than that. “Minority of Mind” details a young man’s descent into darkness, and his daily struggles to perform as a person, rather than a manifestation of his illness. It addresses how society treats those with serious psychiatric disorders and challenges our definition of ‘madness.

Minority of Mind
By Ben Boone
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"Experiments in Imagination."

“Experiments in Imagination,” a new book by author Ben Boone offers a hands-on approach to combating the limitations of mental illness. Boone, who previously published “ Minority of Mind,” a memoir about his diagnosis and hospitalization for schizophrenia, the day after he graduated from Emerson College in Boston, says his latest book outlines a series of "experiements” that can help those with mental health issues reclaim meaning and even joy in their lives.

Boone, who makes public presentations and coaches those with mentalillness, says he got the idea for “ experiments” after realizing the challenges heand others who have mental ilness often face just trying to get through the day.

Boone observes: “Each of us is different, yet we all seek love and belonging and purpose.” He refers to these aspirations as part of the human story, observing, “ It is like any story, with progression, character and plot. But mental illness, at the outset, scatters the story, and brings monotony to life.”

Boone says he has employed the practices he outlines in “ experiments” to help him jump-start his own life after it was derailed by his devastating diagnosis.

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Media & Speaking Inquiries:

Contact Maura Curley, The AdvocatesNE, at 340-998-5715 or email: advocatesne@gmail.com


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Watch Ben Boone, as he reads from and answers questions about his book August 9, 2012 at the Ames Free Library in North Easton, Massachusetts. Ben Boone's lecture was broadcast by Easton Community Access TV. Click here to see the video. Look for the Ames Free Library channel. Enter search and type "Boone."

The Ames Public Library was selected as one of three finalists in the 2011 Best Small Library in America competition by Library Journal and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Read about it here.

Ben Boone News of 2014

Ben Boone is scheduled to speak at a variety of colleges, universities throughout northeast, Pennsylvania, Maryland and the south. Additional venues are developing including various NAMI national chapters. Check back here in the next week for specifics.

Ben Boone is the keynote speaker at the Cedar Clinic, Wesley College in Massachusetts on February 8th. More details and conference sign uphere.

Ben Boone News of 2013

Ben Boone featured guest on the Stuart Vener: Tells It Like it Is Show---Topic was Minority of Mind. This show is broadcast to over 100 radio stations nationally with estimated listenership of over 100,000 people. Listen to ben Boone describe his book during this 7 minute interview.

On October 15th, Ben was the keynote speaker at the annual meeting of the Tri County Mental Health Services in Lewiston, Maine. Over 150 guest were packed into the Hilton Garden Inn in Auburn, Maine, to hear Ben speak about his book, Minority of Mind. Ben spent over an hour before speaking during the social hour, answering questions about his experiences. More here.

Ben Boone was the featured speaker at NAMI Fairfield Connecticut October 2nd speakers series. Over 150 guests packed into the meeting to hear Ben speak. More information here.

On August 23rd, Ben Boone was the featured speaker at NAMI annual meeting in Montgomery, Alabama. 200 attendees heard Ben speak about Confronting the Therapeutic Model: A Positive approach to Recovery. More information here.

On August 9th, Ben Boone was a special guest at Brown University Department Of Psychiatry. Ben spoke before a crowd of over 50 students and professors discussing Minority of Mind. This in addition to exploring how mental health professionals and professors can destigmatize brain chemistry disorders.

Minority of Mind is a featured book at "Voices4Hope" here. As well as a recommended must read at Mental Health Advocacy Organization here.

May 9th saw ben Boone as featured speaker at Fayetteville, North Caroina NAMI anhual meeting. More info here.

"My Soul Isn't Mentally Ill by Ben Boone" is a featured guest commentator at KI Connections, a holistic and concious living website here.

Ben Boone returned to Ames Public library in May to present his new book, "Experiments in Imagination." More info here.

Ben Boone 2012 News and Events

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Ben Boone was at The National Institute for Health in Bethesda Maryland, to participate in a study regarding schizophrenia. His book was brought to the attention of researchers at the institute, and his story was compelling enough for NIH to fly Ben to NIH to participate in a two day study contributing to its 14 year long study that is scheduled to conclude in 2013.

For more information about this study, please click here.

Photo: Ben with NIH research team members.

Ben Boone spoke at Norwell Public Library on September 26th discussing destigmatizing mental illness and brain chemistry disorders. More info here.

Marin County NAMI of California in February featured Minority o Mind in its recommended reading list here.

Peace of Mind newsletter from the Canadian mental Health association profiled Ben Boone in an article titled: "A Road to Recovery: An Inspiring Story about Ben Boone." Click herefor the article.

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Listen to Ben Boone's audio interview with Maura Curley.

Author Ben Boone. Photo courtesy the author.


On September 10,2012 Ben Boone was the featured guest speaker on the Voice America radio show titled: "A Journey Through Madness and Back" hosted by Mary Woods,


On Monday, September 24,2012 Ben Boone was the featured guest speaker on Talk Radio Europe. Listen to Ben Boone's audio interview with Kenny Jones.


Listen to Ben Boone's appearance on the health life.net radio show, LifeBites with Nina Boski recorded Friday, October 12th, 2012. Show theme was what it takes for personal inner change titled: "Spark or Lightening Bolt?" HealthyLife.net has an audience of 8,522,455 listeners.


Ben Boone speaks with Jim Hainy of the Montana Peer Network.

Jim Hajny is the Executive Director of Montana’s Peer Network, a peer run non-profit organization that provides recovery opportunities, like Wellness Recovery Action Planning workshops throughout Montana on a continual basis. Jim has been in recovery from a dual diagnosis for over for over seventeen years. He believes recovery is not only possible, but it should be a part of the process when someone is given a diagnosis.

Ben Boone appeared on the Montana Peer Network "ready talk" podcast show with Jim on December 10th to discuss a wide variety of issues regarding recovery and peer support concepts. For more information about Montana Peer Network, please click here.

Group Presentations

Benjamin Boone stresses that life should not end with a diagnosis. He offers creative solutions for a meaningful life despite often debilitating symptoms.

He offers group presentations in the following topical areas:

Quality of Care: Importance of early intervention

Boone explains some signs to watch for with emerging psychosis and mood disturbance. He addresses the importance of obtaining consumer-oriented quality care within the mental health system before and after diagnosis. He also discusses methods to open more meaningful communication channels between mental health consumer and caregivers.

Family Dynamics

Sometimes we don’t know how to respond to a loved one's suffering and this can negatively impact the outcome of his or her illness and devastate a family. Boone share how his own family communicated after his diagnosis 11 years ago and how the dynamic continues to evolve among his family and friends. He offers tips to create more authentic lines of communication, offering anecdotes about his own experience and those of others. This honest, insightful presentation demonstrates how honesty and humor can help more than you may know.

Daily Living

Boone believes that people with mental health concerns must give added attention to how they structure their daily routines, create goals and respond to stress. He shares his techniques for accomplishing short, medium and long term objectives, and suggests how to be more fearless in daily living.

One-On-One-Life Coaching

In addition to his speaking engagements, Boone offers life coaching to individuals and family facing mental health issues. Email minorityofmind@gmail.com for more information. Sliding scale fees available.

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