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Your Guide to Treasures Created in the Virgin Islands

Locally produced art, jewlery, handicrafts and food are a better buy.
Don’t settle for less than investing in island made, your true Caribbean treasure!
Michael Banzhaf Studio and Gallery • St. John

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Hold a piece of Michael Banzhaf jewelry in your hand and you meet the man. This St. John goldsmith lives his art. Banzhaf's pieces are exquisitely handcrafted to reflect his feelings about the world and reinvent the natural environment. Banzhaf's designs most familiar to collectors demonstrate classic and symmetrical motifs, which reflect his classical music training and fascination for Etruscan, Byzantine and Renaissance periods. Other designs are lyrical, embracing forms inspired by nature.

Michael Banzhaf Studio and Gallery in Cruz Bay St. John features Banzhaf's orginal designs as well as works from respected local jewelry designers, painters and potters.

Phone: 340-779-4005

Visit Michael Banzhaf Galleryhere

Image : Turtle Bay necklace from Michael Banzhaf's St. John Collection.

Moon Mosaic’s Island Hook Bracelet • St. John

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St. John resident Shannon Sterling designs iconic island hook bracelets, providing visitors to St. John with a symbol of love to take home and virtual visitors with an authentic piece of island folklore. Shannon's legend tells that the original island hook bracelets were crafted from fishing hook and wire by an island couple as wedding gifts for each other. Today Shannon's bracelets are handcrafted from sterling silver in nine sizes with an easy open clasp. Wearing the hook facing upward toward the heart shows you have found your true love. Wear it in reverse to help you reel in your heart's desire.

Bracelet available at Bamboula and Turquoise Turtle in St. John and Foxy’s in the British Virgins.

Order securely on line here.

Hand-made Limoncello at Romano’s Trattoria & Art Gallery • St. Thomas

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Limoncello, a traditional Italian liqueur, makes a delightful before dinner cocktail as a mixed drink or served more traditionally as an after dinner liqueur.

Tony Romano, chef, and owner of Romano’s, creates his own Limoncello in small batches, using his secret recipe. He promises his elixir is authentically Italian, with every lemon being zested by hand with absolutely no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

This Limoncello is now being sold by the bottle at his landmark restaurant in St. Thomas, and has a lovely label with a distinctive blue box. Romano, a well respected artist, also offers limited, hand-painted, signed and numbered bottles filled with his legendary liqueur.

At this time Romano's cannot ship outside the Virgin Islands. But you can stop by the restaurant or reserve and purchase a bottle locally via the restaurant's website here.


Caribbean Herbals • St. Thomas

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Proprietor Jason Budsan has been making natural herbal candles at Tillett Gardens in St. Thomas for over 13 years. A former pastry chef, Budsan creates products that delight the senses. His creations, infused with compelling shapes and tropical scents, smell good enough to eat. Some burn brightly in shells on hand carved stands.

You can choose among a variety of favorites, including the award winning ripe mango frangipani flower, fragrant orchid and lemon grass, intoxicating hot buttered rum and exotic ginger fig. You might also like “ Bug Gone” citronella and pure glycerin soaps in natural shell dishes.

Phone: 340-777-7190

Visit Caribbean Herbals here. Easy on line ordering via PayPal.

Sculptured Conch Shells • St. Croix

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His one of kind sculptures reflect his Crucian heritage and the mystery of the Caribbean Sea. Junie Bomba Allick, a native of St. Croix, has immortalized the region’s conch shell by combining its natural beauty with his inspired artistry. Allick, a well-known member of the St. Croix community and an accomplished artisan, musician and entrepreneur, works with shell as another sculptor may use marble or stone. He envisions the incredible multi dimensional images, cutting and smoothing surfaces to bring new shapes to life.

For more information about clickhere

Contact Junei Bomba at 340-244- 9057 or Krieger Creative Group 336-287-4706.

Image: One of Junie Bomba's sculptures.

itiba, LLC • St. Croix

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itiba embraces the Caribbean's natural and cultural resources. Itiba produces soaps, fragrances and skin care utilizing native plant oils butters and scents. Crucian Yoki Hanley makes her magic in small batches in St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. You’ll find therapeutic and beautifying elements of aloe vera, coconut, palm and avocado oils, shea and mango butters. Papaya, Sea Lavender and Carib lime comprise just some of her one of kind island essences. Hanley's products are sold internationally and were even tucked into gift bags at the 2010 Academy Award ceremony in Los Angelas.

Visit itiba's website here. Discover more itiba here.

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P.O. Box 2567 Kingshill VI 00851-2567 1-888-551-5775 (ph/fx) SKYPE: yhanley1

Roy Lawaetz • St. Croix

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Roy Lawaetz, a native of St. Croix, has put the Virgin Islands on the global map by exhibiting his paintings at prestigious art events around the world. Lawaetz is known for “The Modular Triangular System” a style that uses triangles as the basis for his images. According to Lawaetz his concept dates back thousands of years before Columbus discovered the New World.

Right image: Roy Lawaetz's " Tropical Fish."

For more information visit Roy Lawaetz's website.

The Coral Studio • Tortola

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The Coral Studio has been making gifts and souvenirs for visitors to the British Virgin Islands since 1998.The studio recycles fossil coral rock into detailed miniatures and collectibles. All the coral is extracted from land and environmentally friendly. Coral Studio works have been used as prizes in competitions and as presentations to royalty and heads of state. Returning visitors always make it a point to stop by and check out the studio’s latest designs.

Phone: 284-494-3853 • Visit The Coral Studio here

Image: A lizard ornament from The Coral Studio

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